Part 1

Obstruction of Justice

Although physical and very dangerous means of opposing established  laws
have confronted the U.S. , State and Local governments periodically, did
you  know that an Indian tribe is responsible for allowing hundreds of illegal
aliens into the United States monthly over the recent past? This
information  has been provided by the Vice chairman of the Cayuga-Seneca Chapter of the
Upstate Citizens for Equality (UCE) of New York, Richard Tallcot. See
their website at .

 As quoted from the Syracuse Post Standard, December 30, 1999, ""Inspectors
 Mass at Border" by Aaron Gifford. The 18 column inch article refers to 40
 minute delays and hundreds of inspectors assigned. Of note :"There is one
 black hole - 10 miles through the Akwesasne Mohawk Indian Reservation.
It's the only place on the borders with Canada or Mexico straddled by an Indian
 Reservation, unpatrolled by Customs Inspectors." .... "The U.S. Customs
 Service is keeping an eye out for terrorists and has been on heightened
 alert since the recent arrests of an Algerian man with a forged passport
 crossing into Vermont." ... "Eight additional agents have been assigned to
 cover the Akwesasne Mohawk Reservation near Massena, which has seen an
 increase of illegal aliens passing through its territories during the past

 As quoted from the Syracuse Post Standard, December 30, 1999, ""Hundreds
 Enter Through Reservation, officials say" by John O'Brien. This 20 column
 inch article narrows the problem. Of note: "Federal agents patrolling the
 United States' northern border know that hundreds of illegal aliens each
 month have slipped into the United States from Canada through the
Akwesasne Mohawk Indian Reservation." ... Federal agencies and state police have
 beefed up patrols and sent helicopters equipped with infrared searching
 devices to pay close attention to the reservation in northern New York.
 Akwesasne is off limits to U.S. and Canadian agents because it is
sovereign territory."
 "In recent years, between 300 and 500 illegal aliens a month have entered
 the United States through Akwesasne, according to officials with the U.S.
 Border Patrol and the Customs Service. Each year there are one or two
people considered suspected terrorists." ... "Over the past two years, more than
 400 people have been charged as illegal aliens or alien smugglers after
 being caught entering the United States " ...
 "The unique geography of Akwesasne provided easy access for a cigarette
and liquor smuggling operation to move $700 million worth of contraband
 cigarettes from the United States onto the black market in Canada from
1992 to 1996. More than 20 people and a tobacco company were convicted for that
 "The preferred commodities have been people, drugs, and guns, federal
 authorities say." "A year ago the Border Patrol arrested 47 people on
 charges of smuggling Chinese nationals through Akwesasne from Canada,
where immigration and asylum laws are more permissive than the United States.
 'That smuggling ring had shipped between 150 and 200 illegal aliens a
 month', said Ed Duda, assistant chief of the Border Patrol's Swanton, VT.
 sector. By charging $47,000 per person, those smugglers made a total of
$170 million over two years, Duda said. 'That's one smuggling ring, but we have
 about six or seven that run Akwesasne'. " .

 After reading the above accounts of the Mohawk tribal government
activities, their should be no question in anyones mind of the extent the Indian
 Industry will go to further " tribal sovereignty" and to further divide
our nations citizenry into those who support tribalism and those that that
 support our Constitution and the Constitutions of the several States. Next
 we should look at the damage this support of tribalism, which is at war
with any and all republican forms of government in the United States, has done.

 Part 2

 The Real Damage

 As quoted from TIME American Scene November 22, 1999 TIME American Scene
 "People Smuggling Is a Good Business" by Edward Barnes. This full page
 article with photos is excellent. Noted: "Between the worn out trailers
and the HUD homes on the St. Regis Mohawk reservation sits an incongruous
 stretch of newly built mansions. From his patrol car, Wesley Benedict, the
 tribal police chief, points out a red brick palazzo and a white gabled
 mansion. 'Most of those are built with smuggling money,' he says." ... "
 'Aliens aren't our job', says Chief Benedict, wearily."
 "A year ago, 35 people, including a tribal chief, were indicted for their
 part in an international smuggling ring that smuggled Chinese into the
U.S." ... "The Mohawk Reservation appeals to smugglers because its status as a
 tribal reserve makes it a no-go area for law enforcement officials. Even
the military has declared it a "red zone" and has refused to fly over since
 medical helicopter was shot down."
 " 'It's a jurisdictional and geographic nightmare' says Dick Ashlaw, who
 runs the U.S. Border Patrol in the region, and only enters the reservation
 escorted by tribal police."
 "Mohawk Charlie Little Tree is now facing charges for smuggling aliens;
his son is already serving time for the same offense. Little Tree estimates
that between 1,000 of the 8,000 Mohawks currently living on the reserve are
 involved in the trade." ... " 'There are some big guys in it, maybe 100,
but mostly it is kids or anyone else who needs money', says Little Tree. 'They
 can pick up $500 for a few minutes work'."
 "Chief Benedict says the trade is getting rougher. 'Last year smugglers
 locked a family with a small baby in that abandoned house and left them
for several days. The baby nearly died'. "
 "Many Mohawks don't take the problem all that seriously. 'After all', says
 Little Tree, 'to us, everyone is an alien.' "

 As quoted from CNN News, December 10, 1998, <>
 ........... "Once the immigrants reached Toronto, they were then taken to
 the United States through the St. Regis Mohawk Indian Reservation, which
 straddles the New York-Ontario border. ..... The arrests come two weeks
 after U.S. immigration agents broke up a cartel accused of smuggling more
 than 12,000 illegal immigrants from India, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Syria
 into the United States."

 Not everyone remembers that back in the 1990-1991 period, the Mohawks were
 in open armed conflict with the Sate Police of New York over illegal
 gambling activities.

 The above is just a short version of what has taken place in New York
 regarding some  tribal groups anti American activities. The purpose in
 bringing all of this back into focus is to demonstrate how our Federal
 Government, assisted by some State and local governments( by their
 acquiescing to federal Indian programs that themselves create
 unconstitutional end results) in fact are out of control and are the
primary cause of these irregularities.  In this case it is not at all impossible
to link the cause of the great damage and loss of life  caused by the
September 11, 2001, events in New York and at the Pentagon , in part,
to the federal  failure of keeping the hordes of illegal aliens from crossing onto the
U.S. by way of the Mohawk Indian Reservation,  Tribal sovereignty is a myth and
 any department or agency of any legitimate government established under
our Constitution, that fails to understand this deserves all the criticism and
 law suits that come their way.....

John A. Fleming