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    Name:Troy Huber
    Location: Rhinelander, WIDate: Tuesday, April 30, 19102 at 08:27:47
    Enjoyed my visit to your site....

    Name: koirala Ranjan Prashad
    Location: pokhara, ga Nepal
    Date: Monday, April 15, 19102 at 10:18:29
    I want to know whole about it.

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    Location: All States - Nationwide, NY, CA, TX, GA, AZ USA
    Date: Saturday, March 2, 19102 at 13:55:57
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    Name: Kay Backues
    Location: Owasso, Ok USA
    Date: Saturday, November 24, 19101 at 21:44:47
    Interested in finding out historic range of Eastern and Western Fringed Orchids and conservation efforts that are ongoing.

    Name: Kay Backues
    Location: Owasso, Ok USA
    Date: Saturday, November 24, 19101 at 21:44:33
    Interested in finding out historic range of Eastern and Western Fringed Orchids and conservation efforts that are ongoing.
    Location: Port St. Lucie, FL US
    Date: Thursday, January 11, 19101 at 14:36:11

    I think this site is really useful.I was wondering if anybody knows of someone that grows Cypripediums in florida.

    Name: roger latour
    Location: Montreal, quebec canada
    Date: Tuesday, January 2, 19101 at 10:45:27

    anybody growing native orchid in the home? can you share information?

    Name: Curtis Kline
    Location: Medford, OR USA
    Date: Wednesday, December 6, 19100 at 17:22:26

    My father is Boyd Kline, started Siskiyou Rare Plant Nursery a few years back. He's not computerized so I'm helping out - we have c. californicum and c. montanum in the area.

    Name: jholt
    Location: Charlotte, NC USA
    Date: Saturday, October 28, 19100 at 19:11:54

    Name: jelena
    Location: belgrade, serbia yugoslavia
    Date: Wednesday, October 11, 19100 at 15:10:50

    Can you help me to finde any information of the most rear orchid in the world. Are there any black orchid... Orchis nero...thanks for help...

    Date: Monday, October 9, 19100 at 01:03:12

    Hellow!We are the professional orchids grower in Taiwan. Welcome to visit our website and exchange informations with us.We can offer you any message about orchids in Taiwan as we can. Roy

    Name: Don Lingrell
    Location: Columbia, VA US
    Date: Sunday, October 8, 19100 at 09:06:18

    Have 7 species native on my property and am obtaining several others. Built a sphagnum bog to go with my pond.

    Name: Luke Kiger
    Location: Coleman, Mi Midland
    Date: Sunday, September 24, 19100 at 13:45:36

    Great site! I am so glad that someone has devoted an entire site to native orchids. I am currently working with Goodyera species, propagation and hybridization. Luke

    Name: King Emmy Emeka Okoro
    Location: Enugu, Enugu Nigeria
    Date: Saturday, September 16, 19100 at 13:15:37

    I want a very nice girl to marry.

    Name:Michael Hogan
    Location: Dorothy NJ 08317, NJ USA
    Date: Saturday, September 16, 19100 at 11:22:04

    If you would like to see the many species of native orchids of the New Jersey Pine Barrens, including a slide presentation and photos of habitat. Please visit

    Name: Joyce Miller
    Location: Sacramento, CA USA
    Date: Tuesday, August 29, 19100 at 14:10:06

    Is the North American Native Orchid Society still extent? I joined early this year. It took them two months or more to deposit my check. A letter direct to them was never answered. I have finally joined the British Hardy Orchid Society because they seem to be doing something.

    Name: Wilford Neptune
    Location: West Newton, MA USA
    Date: Tuesday, June 6, 19100 at 10:24:18

    I have been growing orchids for about 30 years. For the last 8 years I have been growing various native orchids in pot culture, as well as a few hardy Asian and European orchids. I have received different AOS Awards on Calopogon tuberosus, Spiranthes cernua, Pogonia ophioglossoides, Cyp henryi, and Cyp kentuckiense. I also have a few outside in my garden.

    Name: Mark Larocque
    Location: Downingtown, PA USA
    Date: Tuesday, April 11, 19100 at 07:51:35

    Check out the following site - A freind of mine, Cliff Pelchat started this site and has numerous native orchid photos, especially from FLA.....

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