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A 'miscellaneous' page for odds and ends that have to do with native North American orchids.

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Here are some things that might be of interest:

(ISSN 1084-7332) published quarterly in March, June, September, and December by the


The NANOA is a group dedicated to the conservation and promotion of our native orchids.

Editor: Paul Martin Brown
Assistant Editor: Nathaniel E. Conard
Editorial Consultants: Philip E. Keenan, Virginia L. Magee
Production Assistants: Stan N. Folsom, Nancy A. Webb

Comments/information regarding N.A.N.O.A.: NAORCHID@AOL.COM   (Paul Martin Brown)

Check their web page for the contents of past and future issues and membership information N. AM. Native Orchid Alliance

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This is a discussion list for lovers of native orchids especially of the northern hemisphere.

This is NOT a list for growers, but for those who are interested in the natives in their native habitats. The discussion is about the biology and taxonomy ofthe natives.

Well, I am looking for more.

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