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Cypripedium reginae
Cypripedium reginae

(photo borrowed from Nicolas Plummer)

This site is under construction, and by a novice at it, so please be forgiving and forewarned.

The discussion list is not working right now, but if you join you will be on the list when it does restart.

Send suggestions and hints to the e-mail below.

All orchids are threatened, so please help protect them.


  • Join our discussion list - or just send a message.
  • Glossary - I am still collecting terms and eager for your suggestions (and definitions)
  • References about NA orchids - a list of orchid publications
  • Links to other North American Orchid Sites
  • Miscellaneous Native Orchid News - odds and ends
  • Guestbook - leave your name and e-address so others can find you. Leave any ideas for future features for these pages.
  • Sources - Legal and ethical sources of these orchids that grow best wild and free.
  • Research Directory - This is under construction, but I would like to provide a reference list of work being done with the orchids native to North America. (Frames)
  • Species Photo Page - This is also under construction. The page is ready, but I need photos.
  • Orchid WebQuest - A lesson plan for a project based on learning about orchids of North America - Includes links.
  • NNAODL Site Map - Just a diagram that shows the site. Does not link.

  • Moderator: Les Anderson, email: 9041 Hwy X, Three Lakes WI 54562-9242 USA. 

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